Amber Logsdon

Amber's a reformed small-town girl with big-city ambitions. After cutting her teeth in both student and online journalism, Amber can now be found writing copy and managing social media for GEICO's employment branding initiatives. She's covered a litany of topics from beauty news and feminist politics to personal profiles and recruitment materials. No matter the story, she's always ready to tackle it with her zeal for storytelling.

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What Hobby Lobby Did to Their Pregnant Employee Will Make You Hate Them Even More

​In a turn of events that surprised absolutely no one, a former Hobby Lobby employee has come forward share her experience of being fired essentially for becoming pregnant during her employment with the crafting retailer. Felicia Allen, the employee in question, tried to apply to medical leave when it came time to deliver her child in late 2010. Though the chain does allow employees to use the Family Medical Leave act in situations like this, they claimed that Allen had not worked with them long enough to enjoy those particular benefits.

Perfect Eyeliner? You Better Believe It's Real!

​If there’s one beauty look that I’ve come to know and love, it’s the retro cat-eye, which has surged in popularity over the past few years. However, as anyone who has tried their hand at this technique knows, the cat-eye can be a difficult trick to master. Even the slightest slip of the hand can turn your flick from fabulous to freaky. For me, I have the added handicap of pretty severe arthritis in my right -- and dominant -- hand, so the struggle is definitely real.

Be A Real Magical Girl with this New Sailor Moon Makeup

​When Naoko Takeuchi first wrote the line “Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!”, I’m sure she wasn’t intending for it to be taken literally. Not that there’s anything wrong with it actually happening. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sailor Moon anime, Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai has been gradually releasing replicas of props seen in the show over the past year. Such replicas include tangible versions of the Cutie Moon Rod and Luna Pen, as well as makeup disguised as some of the wands and amulets used by the Scouts in their quest against the Negaverse.

What Happens When Body Positive Bloggers Pose Like Sports Illustrated Models?

We have finally hit that time of year where we proudly preen ourselves in beach-ready attire as we flock to the nearest body of water to cool off during the sweltering heat. It’s prime time to show off what your mama gave you, colloquially speaking. Of course, given the way society frames bodies on the beach, these messages of positivity are mainly geared toward the slimmer crowd and only further justified by the likes of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue.

The Biggest Superheroes Of 2015 Won't Be White Men

As a follow up to their announcement of a Pakistani-American Ms. Marvel, comics giant Marvel Entertainment recently unveiled plans to expand the visibility of a strikingly diversified band of crime fighters via a four-part mini-series on Netflix. The Netflix-exclusive shows will center on four heroes who, until now, have received significantly less media exposure than have their mainstream counterparts: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist.

Pregnant? Scared? These "Fake Clinics" Will Make It Worse.

With trembling hands, I sat on the cold leather couch in the counseling room of the Harrisonburg Pregnancy Center, one of the roughly 2,500 Crisis Pregnancy Centers throughout the United States. Across from me sat a woman who gently guided me through a Focus on the Family pamphlet outlining the benefits of abstaining from sex. As she read the pamphlet aloud, her tone turned increasingly condescending as she uttered words like "control" and "purity."

Carrier librarian pursues love affair with roller derby

On the flat track of Funky’s Skate Center on South Main Street, Paula Kiser is known as “Grim Nemesis,” inspired by the Greek goddess of divine retribution. But when the skates are off, she can be found behind the circulation desk in Carrier Library. She has been involved with the Rocktown Rollers, a roller derby team made up of players from all over the Shenandoah Valley, since the team started in 2008. Kiser started studying at JMU in 2002 as a history major. She got her master’s in 2008 and has been working at Carrier since 2010.

The face of Madison

James Madison was a small man, weighing only about 100 pounds and standing at a mere 5 feet tall. If asked about his favorite animal, he would probably say that it would be his horse, Liberty. His favorite color was black. When he married his wife, Dolley, he was 43 and she was 26; he would claim that it was love at first sight. There are many who could say they know of Madison, and what he and the other Founding Fathers did in the late 1700s to build the United States.

A Collection of Wintergreen Women

Twenty-three years ago, author and activist Nikki Giovanni came to Harrisonburg as a guest speaker. To welcome her, Joanne Gabbin organized a small gathering of other African-American female writers held at Wintergreen Resort. What started as a simple gathering of women celebrating sisterhood and life soon became an annual event — and a tradition held for nearly 25 years. They call themselves the Wintergreen Women Writers’ Collective. Since then, the Collective has expanded its membership from 10 to nearly 50 women, including founding members Giovanni and Gabbin.